About Us

A message from Dr Mangarai

Health Care In Partnership

We aim to provide always the best possible standard of Health Care. This can only be achieved if we work to together in partnership with a mutual respectable and courteous relationship.

We provide a complete range of services and take every opportunity to expand and improve when possible.

Your participation, comments and suggestions are well appreciated. In return we ask you to comply with medication, doctor's advice and to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Myself and Staff wish you a very happy and healthy life for many years to come.

Dr. K.R. Mangarai

Partners In Health

The care of our patients is fundamental to the service we provide and, as a partner, it should be recognised that the patient has responsibility in part for his or her own well being. 

We may prescribe treatments to aid a particular complaint or condition and may make recommendations to changes and/or modifications in lifestyle to promote the patient's well-being.

In return we ask you to...

Comply with any treatment recommended or prescribed.

To try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible and ask for help and advice if necessary.

We request you to comply with medication, doctors's advice and to adapt a healthy lifestyle.