Low Clinical Priority Referrals

Procedure of Lower Clincal Priority (PLCP) may be the most clinically appropriate intervention for a patient. 

Referrals for surgical condition which is considered as procedure of lower clinical priority.  There are a number of conditions identified as low clinical priority procedure and these procedures will not be commissioned by the PCT, unless certain criteria on clinical grounds can be meet.  For e.g. Sebaceous Cyst, Fatty Lump etc.  The Doctor will let you know if the problem of yours falls into this category and will be able to refer for surgical procedure or not, as well as whether it meets the criteria for Funding to raise this surgery under NHS.

The PCT will make the decisions on the following:

a) The treatment you have asked for will not definitely solve any medical problem(s) you may have. 
b) The NHS cannot pay for treatments to change the way you look unless there is a medical reason for it.