Prescriptions - Order Your Repeat Prescription Online

We now offer Repeat Prescription requests via On-line system, you need passwords to access

Patient Access -      


Using EMIS Access, you can now  view, book , cancel appointments and update contact details, at Dr. Mangarai Practice, Speke Neighbourhood health Centre from home, work or on the move, or wherever you can connect to the internet. This service can also be accessed via digital television.

Patients must register individually as appointments can only be booked for the patient to whom the registration details apply. 

Registering for EMIS Access

First of all you must register to use the internet appointment booking facility.  Ask the receptionist, for a registration form, which provides the information you need to register to use the Internet facility.  Every patient requires a unique user ID to log in to Patient Access -  please click here to access online prescription which are computer generated and you have to Sign in Register for Access through the website. , 

All information that is sent to the surgery via EMIS Access is secure through the patient access website,. Your personal details are encrypted and protected using the highest standard internet security, so it cannot be intercepted. Only you and your GP practice are able to see this information.

Repeat Prescriptions

Patients who receive regular prescriptions from the Practice can request a repeat prescription from the practice. Our online access will shortly be available but you can email us on .

Patients may also order their repeat prescriptions by delivering or posting the counterfoil with SAE to the surgery.   The Prescriptions will normally be available within 48 hrs of receiving the request.

Always read the messages on the counterfoil.

If you suffer from chronic disease / housebound or would like your prescription delivered through our Electronic Prescribing service, please enquire at reception.

In return we ask you to...

  • Keep the counterfoil of the script in safe place to use for re-ordering or to produce to the attending doctor in case of emergencies or to take with you to hospital appointments. 

  • Please request appointment for review of medication nearer the due date shown on the script. The medication may not be issued if the review is overdue by three months or it is too early. 

  • Report to the doctor immediately if you are experiencing any side effects to the prescribed medication or you are known to be allergic to any specific medication.
    If you require any information about prescription charge exemptions please pick up leaflet from surgery or at pharmacy.


From 1 April 2009, people undergoing treatment for cancer, including:

  • For the effects of cancer or  
  • The effects of current or previous cancer treatment.

Do not have to pay NHS prescription charges if they have a valid medical exemption certificate.

Speak to your doctor to find out how to obtain a certificate.

For more information about help with health costs, obtain leaflet HC11 'Help with health costs'

FP 92A  Application for prescription charge exemption (medical)