Special Clinics

Female Doctor 

Option to see our female doctor, patient who wishes to see a female doctor for particular problems associated with women, a dedicated clinic is available every Thursday morning between 9.30am to 12pm.

The services provided in this clinic are Preconception counseling, Contraception Service, advice on Hormone replacement, PMT, incontinence and offered Cervical smears.

The breast assessment and advice will be given but if you wish to discuss any further concerns, please make an appointment to see the nurse.

For further details please contact the surgery.

If you wish to see a female doctor please make an appointment. This option is Thursday morning only.

Health Promotion Clinic

Aim of this clinic is to assess and identify the health risk factors and advise on smoking, alcohol, healthy diet, weight reduction and monitor blood cholesterol.


This clinic is to train the patients to record peak flow meter readings and proper usage of inhalers and trained to recognise need for early or urgent medical attention. It also provides you the opportunity to participate and understand self management aspects.


The aim of this clinic is to maintain blood sugar as normal as possible and to prevent / delay and ameliorate complications.

To provide initial education about diabetes, dealing with hypo-attacks, self injection, blood and urine testing.

Heart Disease and Hypertension Clinic

This clinic provides opportunity for early detection of high blood pressure and to prevent complications such as angina, heart failure, stroke and heart attacks etc.

Aim of this clinic is to identify contributing risk factors for heart diseases and help you reduce the risks.

Please attend the above clinics on receipt of an invitation and have your blood test taken a week before the appointment

We do not provide drug addiction management service in this practice