District Nurse

Community District Nursing and Treatment Room Services.

The community district nursing and treatment room services are re-organised 
and new changes have been implemented from end of October 2006.

Community Matron, District Nurse Team Leader, Caseload Holder, Care Practitioner, Health Care Assistant (District Nursing) are the key members of newly re-organised team.

The services expected to be provided by the team are:

Terminal care, acute episode of long term chronic conditions (COPD,Diabetes), 
Blocked catheters, Urgent blood screening, post-operative assessments, wound management, Vaccination / immunisation, blood pressure monitoring, repeat doppler assessment etc.

Please note that to obtain these service you need referral from the Practice Nurse or a GP. These services are also available between the hours of 8pm - 8am (out of hours) and the patients can contact the service on 0151 234 1185.

The above mentioned services are for the following group of patients:

  • Those patients who are unable to use a form of public transport due to illness or disability, and require ambulance transport to leave their home environment. 

  • Those patients who are frail and elderly. 

  • Those clients with a debilitating illness that are unable leave their home environment independently, or without substantial support. 

  • Those clients who suffer from a level of confusion that renders it unsafe for the patients to go out independently. 

  • Those with caring responsibility for a sick child or relative that would 
    be deemed unsafe to leave alone whilst attending clinic / GP Practice / hospital.