Patient Satisfaction Survey

We conduct Patient Survey every year and it has been designed to give patients the opportunity to comment on their experience of our practice.

The survey asks about the surgery services, and includes questions about your general health. The survey will ask patients about a range of issues, such as how easy or difficult it is for patients to make an appointment at their surgery, satisfaction with opening hours, the quality of care received from their GP and practice nurses, amongst other things.

Replies to the survey will measure patient experience and will therefore help surgeries to understand where improvements are needed. This survey is an opportunity for patients to have their say about how well their practice is doing at providing these services to patients.

The more responses we receive, the more accurate a picture we will get on how we are performing. Please spare a few moments of your time to complete our survey which can be accessed below.

Patient Survey Results 2015

During the month of May 2015, we have given Survey Questionnaire to 44 patients who attended the surgery for their appointments, these questionnaires have been distributed for almost 1 week and the responses we got were very positive and encouraging. These questionnaires were distributed to all ranges, we have given out to the following age ranges;

60+           11

40 to 60     11

21 to 40     13

15 to 20      3

Thank you to all those who completed the Practice Patient Satisfaction Survey.  The Survey is now closed.

Please read our survey feedback report to find out more about the survey process, analysis, actions as well as implementation which were agreed with PRG.

Practice Patient Satisfaction Survey

Survey Results 2018